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Info & Treatments for Kidney Stones & Kidney Disease

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My name is Neville Pettersson and this is my site. I hope you find it useful. I try to keep it updated frequently.

I’m just a regular guy, married with 2 kids. I’ve created this site to help people find good info about cold sores. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.


Having kidney disease can be scary. It affects over 16% percent of adults over the age of 20. People can experience symptoms of kidney failure due to a number of reasons and may require a transplant. Some causes include Type 1 & 2 diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, Glomerulonephritis, clogging arteries and more.

Keeping watch of your blood pressure and cholesterol levels is just one factor that may prevent this condition. If there is damage, some symptoms appear such as kidney pain, ankle swelling, trouble sleeping, vomiting and more.

Taking precautions is necessary, but if you are dealing with a condition already there is hope for help and it is not taking prescribed medications. Beat Kidney Disease was developed by Duncan Capicchiano and contains an ebook that is all natural and will reverse any symptoms of most kidney conditions so you can have an active life again.

Duncan Capicchiano

Duncan Capicchiano is the website owner of This ebook has valid information from a qualified Naturopath, Herbalist, Nutrition and Medical Researcher. Continued below....

Growing up, he had a parent who lived the lifestyle he has now. He ate the necessary foods to keep the kidneys healthy. Although he himself didn't suffer from kidney disease, he still was affected by it. His wife's grandmother developed advance kidney disease without any warning. This motivated him to learn everything there is to know about kidneys and various diseases. Besides studying modern science, he looked into ancient remedies. From what he learned, he developed a solution that finds the root of the cause and is 100% guaranteed. He helped his wife's grandmother and he now has 8 years of studying Naturopathy underneath his belt.


This ebook is not the only book you will receive for $67. Duncan does not just give you the information to help your kidneys; he also feels that you should care for the whole self. He offers 6 bonus books including, a cookbook with recipes for the kidneys, Dealing with Stress Naturally ebook, a couple of audios about stress, health and wellness, Glycemic 101 ebook, and an ebook about how to increase your energy.

Your overall health and wellness is a priority of Duncan's in addition to curing kidney disease. He shares a cookbook that will give individuals some ideas for meals good for the kidneys as many people may not know what to eat.

People tend to need detailed instructions when doing something new so Duncan gives you something better; he stays in contact with you. He will communicate via email with you, they follow to see how you are doing and will keep you updated with current news and findings.


When you have a condition, there is always a chance of experiencing side effects with any treatment you choose. Weigh the options; medications have many side effects, on the other hand Duncan's ebook Disease Kidney Solution is an all natural product. It is safe.

Do doctors guarantee their prescription, Duncan does. A lot comes with his product, besides the guides, recipes and detailed instructions, you have a lifetime subscription with him, 90 days of online support and the product contains the important information needed.

His product is customized based on the person taking it. You have 60 days to decide if the product works for you. You can request your money back if you aren't satisfied.

With all of the testimonials and the thousands of success stories, it is worth a try. Results are said to appear within weeks but can take up to 8 weeks. No one wants kidney pain and a natural, safe procedure is the more sensible treatment.

Beat Kidney Disease Review

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